Small little things that make my journeys awesome

About me and this blog

It’s simple.
I love to travel.
I love to experience places as they originally are/were.
I don’t like touristy crowded places. Just the opposite – I ‘hate’ them. Well, maybe not exactly ‘hate’, but I try to avoid them whenever possible.
I love nature.
I adore mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, villages, rooftop terraces, sailing, hidden bays… Oh, so many places.
I love climbing to the every single hill while traveling. I simply can’t stop wondering what the view from them looks like.
I hate staying in hotels, especially huge hotel chains. Family owned hotels can be okay.
Oh, one thing I hate the most are public beaches. You can’t find me there. 🙂
But I like crowdy towns. Like for example Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh when it’s crowdy as hell. Oh, I adore Marrakesh at 10 PM too.
I like sunflowers. You’ll for sure found it in many of my photos.
I love life.
The end.


Gif below – me while traveling. 😀