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Island Vis [Croatia] – A True Pearl @ the Adriatic Sea

Island Vis [Croatia] – A True Pearl @ the Adriatic Sea


Well, I was planning to write about every tiny detail I experienced on island Vis with the information what to visit, where to eat, where to swim etc., but I won’t. The reason is simple. If you ever plan to visit this true Croatian paradise, I encourage you to discover it by yourself without any previous plans and preparations. Why? Simple, it’s still hard to find something that will disappoint you there. Okay, maybe you can slip up with the wine…that’s why I’ll give you the advice below (check for the details under the images).
Let me just tickle you with a “few” of the images I took there. 🙂

But first, let me introduce you with how to get on Vis. The best way (in my humble opinion) is by renting a sailboat, yacht or something similar. Of course, if you don’t own one. 🙂
The island is mainly focused on nautical tourism. Not surprising, it has so many beautiful bays. But if you can’t afford it you can always explore it from the “inside”. In case you’re not getting to the island by the private boat, you’ll need to use ferries or catamaran to get there. Like the one below. 🙂

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