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5 Unusual Things You Need to Experience in Barcelona [Off The Beaten Path]

5 Unusual Things You Need to Experience in Barcelona [Off The Beaten Path]


There are so many travel blogs online, we’re all aware of that already. The Internet has become fully saturated with the “unlimited” amount of information.

So many bloggers, portals, social profiles that are sharing lists, guides, advices, tips&tricks on how to best spend time in Barcelona.

Which one is the best to read? Great question. I don’t have the answer. 🙂 I’m using travel blogs too while planning and preparing for my travel destinations. But, which one is the best to read and follow?

I used to prefer some of them, some of them aren’t active anymore, but after I discovered Instagram I don’t pay so much attention to reading a travel blog stories.

Since I’m not one of those tourists that you’ll see in groups, visiting popular buildings (okay, maybe some of them) :), museums (only if they are closely related to my life interests), staying in lanes to climb on top of the Eiffel tower or similar…maybe this post will be of interest to some of you who’s sharing the same feeling while traveling and willing to read my methods while planning a trip.

Tip #1 – Use the power of Instagram

I bet that all of you, or big majority of you are using Instagram on daily basis. Right?! But how many of you are using it for planning your trip?

Here are my advices on how to use Instagram search field and the power of # to plan your trip.

Use your free time at home, at the airport while waiting for boarding or for luggage, in taxi/metro/bus to explore the power of hashtags on Instagram. Depending on the destination you’re planning to visit, you’ll find almost the real-time “view report” on how things look like and are they worth of visiting.

For example, for my trip to Barcelona, I’ll show you how I did my research and field the list of things/places I want to visit in Barcelona.

The hashtags I used:














And here are the detailed instructions for #BarcelonaView hashtag.

In Instagram search field I entered #barcelonaview


and got 4916 posts from people that mentioned this # while sharing.

Barcelona view

I usually scroll down until some of the images grabs my attention. Like this one below.

I liked the view, the spot, the ambient, the privacy and the bottle 😀 so the point where girl checked in is my next step for the research.

Bunkers – El Carmel!

Well, let’s dig a bit deeper.


With the help of Instagram, I found where the bunkers are located on a map and made a short research on how to get there. The rest I left to happen by chance. What is the story behind Barcelona bunkers? The interests have been born. I’ve put this on my Barcelona list. 🙂

Barcelona bunkers details

Take a look at a few of my pictures from Barcelona’s bunkers and decide if it’s worth visiting. 🙂


By this method, I found out about few other places that I’ve put on my Barcelona wish list.

Oh, let me get this straight out…I’m not fun of planning my trip to the tiniest details, but I like to have a rough plan (especially when you are limited with time) what I want to visit and then leaving a part of a day for possible situations that might happen.

So the rest of my tips that will be listed below are the result of my Instagram search method. 🙂

Tip # 2 – Rent an apartment, hotel or hostel with a rooftop terrace [Special feeling]

Tip #3 – Rent a bike for $5 [FULL DAY]

I found this cheap and quality bike rental shop in El Born neighborhood. I really got surprised with the price and thought that there must be some catch with the price. Well, there isn’t. No hidden costs and no scams. We rent a bike for the full day and we paid $5. The rest bike rental shops charge $5or even more PER HOUR. So, if you are located in El Born don’t miss this opportunity. For $5 we spend the whole day driving around the beach and get lost in Barceloneta neighborhood.

Tip #4 – Visit Bunkers del Carmel [Off The Beaten Path destination]

From Park Guel, you’ll need to walk 15-20 minutes to reach the bunkers. It’s a little bit hilly but nothing spectacular.

Buy some cherries or sangria in some of the local stores – trust me, you’ll feel special while eating fruits or drink sangria with a view of the whole town.

Tip #5 – Organize Picnic on the beach [On Budget]

Barcelona’s beach is the largest beach (connected to some town) I’ve ever seen in my life.

Choose a perfect sunny day, buy the baguette, anchoa spread in a jar, a few tomatoes, sangria and you’re ready to have a picnic on a beach. You’ll probably spend less than $5 for this in some local store in Barceloneta neighborhood. We’ve rent a bike and spend a half day driving around the beach, visiting beach bars, marines, swimming…


This was how I/we spent our trip in Barcelona. Of course, we’ve “missed” so many places and events – but is there anyone who have visited everything as a tourist. Even people that are living in Barcelona didn’t visit every museum, restaurant, beach, hill etc. I encourage you if you have limited time to visit some place, to prepare yourself with at least basic informations and let the spontaneous things happen on the way. 🙂


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